Friday 3 June 2011

Blog for men – Skype

For me to sit down and think about posting blogs takes time because I want to be sure of what I want to say. If you are taking time to read it, then I want it to be something worth reading. Although I think I have a rather reflective style of writing perhaps this blog is rather more so as I think about this subject.

I have been musing recently about offering counselling over Skype, a free internet, software driven application that enables people to speak with each other over the phone or via video link.

I was wondering, if I was interested in looking for counselling, whether I would consider speaking with someone over a video link. Perhaps – although who and where would daunt me I think.

Anyway, I have included a page for those who may be interested on the website so let us see what happens.

I had a look at who else is offering the service and it seems everyone and their granny has thought of it. I don’t know how successful it is though. As a counsellor, I think I still prefer to see my clients face to face. My impression is that it would be more intimate than Skype. I have spoken to my sons and my supervisor over Skype, but I already have an established relationship with them.

I am aware that communication over the internet has become part of everyday life and that there is some debate about whether it is replacing intimate relationships. By that I mean that some wives accuse their husbands of being distant as the husbands find alternative ways to being intimate with their wives through chatrooms and/or pornography. The accusations may also be reversed at the wives find relationships with people through the various chatrooms. I understand that there is a whole society of people, sitting in darkened rooms, playing video games with a community of ‘friends’.

Face to face relationships can be far more challenging and even confrontational; however, there is something deep and meaningful in them I think.

Anyway, let me see if there any takers for Skype counselling and how a relationship develops.

Watch this space if you’re interested.

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